Literary Analysis Of Waiting For Superman

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Superman Can’t Save Them All
A school’s main mission is to set up its students to succeed in the future. Almost everyone goes through the experience of school, but everyone experiences it differently. For me, I was fortunate enough to not worry about my education while growing up. For some, a good education is never a concern and these students do not have to worry about being prepared for the future. For others, such as the ones in Waiting for Superman, a good education does not come as easily. These students and families must struggle to obtain an education that sets students up for success. These families often end up in poorly managed public schools where their child receives a poor education due to their socioeconomic status. These …show more content…

At the Seed school, the silence is broken when a ball rolls out from the randomizer, “20” says the speaker. At Summit Prep, the silence is broken when the speaker reads, “EV2015, accepted; “EV2044, accepted” these unfamiliar numbers cause those in the audience to worry and hope to hear their number. At Kipp, the speaker draws notecards out of a bucket, “Fregoso, Andrew” he says, causing cheers from the Fregoso family, but only nerves and anxiety from the other families. The drawings continue, with numbers and names being called and families growing more nervous after not being accepted. At the end of the raffle, Bianca says, “They didn’t say me,” unaware of the opportunity that she missed due to probability. This occurs for all the students that do not get accepted from the raffle. Each child and their parent becomes devastated as a result of their child not being accepted. This scene creates an emotional connection between the audience of the film and the students in the film. The audience feels bad for these children that are putting in their best effort and still coming up short due to chance. The audience wants the five students to do well but feel sorrow when only Emily gets accepted. These emotions allow Davis Guggenheim to reveal to the audience the hardships of the school system and the negative outcomes that the system produces. He uses these emotional connections to build pathos

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