Literary Analysis : ' Pride And Prejudice '

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Literary Analysis Research Paper
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Pages 1-5 (Include at least one parenthetical citation for each source listed on Works Cited page.) Author/biographical & writing style Short summary of 10 sentences using plot diagram Setting Major characters Theme Symbols/motifs Literary prose techniques Prose analysis
Page 6 Reflections – your opinion of author & novel (see your reaction journal)
Page 7 Works Cited (minimum of 5 reliable sources)

Felicia L. Cridland
Professor Kay DeCasper
English 1101-98
4 October 2017
Pride and Prejudice Research Paper Pride and Prejudice is a romance novel by Jane Austen, first published in 1813. The story charts the emotional development of the protagonist, Elizabeth
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The 2005 film, Pride and Prejudice, starring Keira Knightley and Matthew McFadyen is the most recent Hollywood adaption of the book.
Plot summary
The novel opens with Mrs. Bennet trying to persuade Mr. Bennet to visit Mr. Bingley, an eligible bachelor who has arrived in the neighborhood. After some verbal sparring with Mr. Bennet baiting his wife, it transpires that this visit has already taken place at Netherfield, Mr. Bingley 's rented house. The visit is followed by an invitation to a ball at the local assembly rooms that the whole neighborhood will attend.
At the ball, Mr. Bingley is open and cheerful, popular with all the guests, and appears to be very attracted to the beautiful Miss Jane Bennet. His friend, Mr. Darcy, is reputed to be twice as wealthy; however, he is “haughty and aloof” (Corben 23). He declines to dance with Elizabeth, “suggesting that she is not enough to tempt him” (11). She finds this amusing and jokes about the statement with her friends. Mr. Bingley 's sister, Caroline, later invites Jane to visit.
When Jane visits Miss Bingley, she is caught in a rain shower on the way and comes down with a serious cold. Elizabeth visits the ill Jane at Netherfield. There Darcy begins to be attracted to Elizabeth, while Miss Bingley becomes jealous, since she has designs on Darcy herself.
Mr. Collins, a cousin of Mr. Bennet and heir to the Longbourn estate, visits the Bennet family. He is a pompous and obsequious clergyman, who expects each of
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