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1. If the definition world literature as a “window on the world”, I believe Mo Yan’s Red Sorghum could be that window to show the more representative Chinese culture to the world. Mo Yan 's “Red Sorghum” uses a large number of high-density folk culture description and full of unique geographical features, which bring wealth of aesthetic experience to the readers. Meanwhile, the application of folklore culture in the novel makes the story more real, shaping the characters more vivid and revealing the theme more profound.
Mo Yan uses his hometown of Gaomi of Shandong as the story of the background, from the characterization of the protagonists and storyline profoundly reveal the folk culture of northern Chinese. First of all, using “red
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“ 响器“ refers Chinese folk instrument, such as sona horns, gongs and drums. The local language using make the characters more realistic, and make the story more infected people. In the novel, Mo Yan also uses a lot of local language and folk song. According to the novel: “有一个男子,亮开坑坑洼洼的嗓门,唱道:妹妹你大胆往前走 铁打的牙关, 钢铸的骨头 从此后高搭起绣楼 拋撒着绣球 正打着我头 与你喝一壶红殷殷的高粱酒。” After Dai Jiulian died, Dou Guan also sing a song used to farewell the soul. This is a Gaomi custom, Gaomi people usually sing a song to guide the soul go to paradise.娘 娘 你上西南 宽宽的大路 长长的宝船 娘 娘 你上西南 溜溜的宝马 足足的盘缠 娘 娘 你上西南 你甜处安身 你苦处花钱. These folk songs make the story possessing Gaomi feature.
In conclusion, I think Red Sorghum is the most representative work to show the Chinese folk culture in northern China and northwest China farmers’ enthusiasm, unrestrained, simple and the quality of love for life to world. The application of folk culture in Red Sorghum not only makes development of the story have local characteristics, but also allow the readers to think deep about the them.
3. I think To Live, Balzac and little Chinese Seamstress and modern Chinese history can be said to be closely related each other. if take away the historical factors, then the two stories will not be so attractive and profound.
In To Live,

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