Literary Analysis : The Lake Of The Woods By Tim O ' Brien

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Another piece of literature were we see masculinity play a huge role in in the novel “In the Lake of the Woods” by Tim O’Brien. The main character is a man named John Wade. It is clear from the start of the novel that John is a very unconfident man show has many insecurities. It is also made clear that he is obsessively in love with his wife Kathy. Because this novel is written out of sequential order, the readers are not shown how messed up Kathy and John’s relationship is right away. It is a dawning that comes to the reader over the first few chapters. The biggest issue between the two of them is the masculinity that John feels or needs to feel over Kathy. For example, John understands that Kathy is an independent women. However it still bothers him that she doesn’t not divulge every last bit of herself to him. In fact it bothers him so much that john has this extremely creepy habit of following Kathy everywhere she goes and spying on her. “In part, he thought, Kathy had brought it on herself: she has a personality that lured him on, fiercely private, fiercely independent….he understood her need to be alone, to reserve time for herself, but too often she carried things to an extreme that and him wonder.” (33) The first issue with this is that he thought that she brought this on herself. John is so wrapped up in trying to preserve his own masculinity that when he is faced with a women who does not feel the need to share every aspect of her life with him he feels the need
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