Literary Analysis : The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin

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Literary Analysis: "The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin "The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin, shows a negative view on marriage for women by expressing a character that is ecstatic when her husband passes away after a traumatic railroad accident. In the story "The story of an hour, Richards and Josephine must tell Louise Mallard that her husband passed away in a traumatic railroad accident. Due to her heart trouble, Richards and Josephine have to break it to her very easily so she does not have heart attack. Instead of Louise being upset about him passing she becomes tremendously excited about all the freedom she now has, but everyone in the story thinks she is deeply upset. After a few minutes they hear a knock on the door and turn to find out, Mr. Mallard was alive. Louise with sadness and despair falls to the floor and dies. "The Story of an hour," shows that perhaps Kate Chopin is against marriage. In the story, Louise's happiness is ultimately based on the idea that if she does not have a man she will be happy. With a man, she will not be happy because she is not free. On page 671, after Louise finds out her husband passed, the sense of darkness and despair should be shown, the opposite is presented. Chopin, the author, describes Louise's surroundings when she is by herself in her room with a positive and bright atmosphere. "She could see in the open square before her house the tops of trees that were all aquiver with new spring life. The delicious
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