Literary Analysis of 'A White Heron'

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Literature Analysis Part 1 Throughout the history Fiction has been used by many writers to emphasize on environment and the importance it has in our lives. "A White Heron", is a great example of how an article can effectively grip the attention of the reader and delivering a vital message at the same time. On the other hand fact based articles are based on truth, research and years of hard work but unfortunately most of the time they fail to capture the common reader proving interesting to only subject area experts or environmentalists. A White Heron written in 1886 is about a girl who comes to her grandmother's house in the country side she falls in love with the nature and after some time adjusts in the new surroundings. Being familiarized with the surroundings, a hunter offers her a considerable reward for finding a Heron for his personal collection. Being human she agrees to find the bird and accompanies the hunter but fails to find the heron. Later on she goes alone and finds the bird's nest by climbing on the tallest tree, this in turn reignites her love and passion for the nature and the thought of helping the hunter and killing of the Heron becomes cynical. She keeps it a secret and Hunter goes back without his prize. (Jewett, 2009) On the other hand "Reducing, harmful, drilling and mining" is an article that emphasizes on the use of coal in fulfilling our energy needs and the impact coal drilling and mining has on the environment of the surrounding areas. It
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