Literary Analysis of Fight Club

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Fight Club is a novel written by Chuck Palahniuk. This is a story about a protagonist who struggles with insomnia. An anonymous character suffering from recurring insomnia due to the stress brought about by his job is introduced to the reader. He visits a doctor who later sends him to visit a support group for testicular cancer victims, and this helps him in alleviating his insomnia. However, his insomnia returns after he meets Marla Singer. Later on, the narrator meets Tyler Durden, and they together establish a fight club. They continue fighting until they attract crowds of people interested in the fight club. Fight club is a story that shows the struggles between the upper class and lower class people. The upper class people here…show more content…
This quote explains how both classes see each other, the working class consider themselves as guerilla terrorists who attack the upper class, while the upper class sees the working class as cockroaches that can do nothing and can be eliminated any time. The upper class people despised the working class people as they considered them as servants to serve them at any time. Another example that highlights the conflict between the classes in the story is the scene where Tyler splices pornography into the films he airs. He uses his position as a projectionist in the movie theater to include split seconds of pornography into movies watched by the upper and middle class people. He enjoyed doing it because he had nothing to loose, he was the “the pawn of the world, everybody’s trash” (Palahniuk 106). He included pornography in the movies the upper class people watched just to get back at them by exposing them to pornography without their knowledge and consent. Exposing them to pornography without their knowledge was a way Tyler used to reverse the conventional roles of the society. The working class was proving to the upper class that they could oppress them if they want to and this was done through Tyler’s actions. Tyler used his position to do as he wished and the upper class people could do nothing about it rather, they watched the pornography in the movies.
In addition to struggles between classes, Palahniuk explores the theme of destruction in his book. Creation through
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