Literary Analysis of The Play of Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Literally Essay Romeo and Juliet is a play written in the late 1500s by William Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet, two star crossed lovers make their way to be together as they face challenges from their society, parents etc. In the beginning of the play the prologue introduces the tragic end of their love and thus bringing peace to their rival families. In act 2 scene 5 Friar Laurence a wise character in the play marries Romeo and Juliet in hope ending the rivalry between their families. But before holding the nuptial of Romeo and Juliet Friar Lawrence with a basket full of herbs compares his herbs to Romeo and Juliet’s love situation. Can the play of Romeo and Juliet be related to how the nature of plants work? In fulfilling the answer of this question Shakespeare explores this question in his famous play of Romeo and Juliet. In act 2 scene 3 Friar, a mentor of Romeo expresses his belief on the truthfulness of Romeo and Juliet’s love comparing his actions about marrying them with different personality of his herbs, suggesting that good and evil coexist in the decision he makes. In act 2 scene 3 Shakespeare uses a form of literally term antitheses and other figurative languages to convey a certain meaning to his play. Shakespeare’s use of antithesis signifies Friar Laurence’s sentiment toward Romeo’s love compared with his herbs. Friar tells Romeo that his herbs have different personalities; some can be used for medicine while other may be used for a
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