Literary Analysis on Cinderella Essay

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In my short analysis of “Cindarella”, understanding the basic concepts of the story was not as easy as I had once predicted. The author Elisabeth Panttaja explains in her essay different views and ideas in the sense that Cinderella is successful because of the magical powers created by her dead mother. The author tells that “It is not suprising . . . that modern criticism of (Cinderella) . . . has been so strangely indifferent to the roles that Cinderella’s mother plays in the story.” This to my knowledge is giving me a different view on how people thought Cinderella acted to the situations that occurred. Cinderella’s mother plays a big role in the story indirectly and the author explains this with some other detailed information to…show more content…
This is why the author gives the question is Cinderella really motherless because through the magic she really isn’t. The author explains early on the initial absence of Cinderella’s mother proposes a sign of disempowerment. This in term changes the events of the story and leaves Cinderella bewildered with her stepmother and stepsister. Cinderella has the advantage that her mother is now a form of power through symbolism and is now a magical figure. The author explains that there are similarities between Cinderella and her mother and the stepdaughters and their mother because each child is trying to perform to impress ones maternal figure. This creates tension between Cinderella and the stepdaughters through competition for the ball to attend with a prince. The author explains firmly that “Cinderella is also a competitor, she plots and schemes, and she wins. There also is another form of symbolism in this essay and that is Cinderella’s dress. This too provides magical powers so that the prince notices the immaculate beauty that Cinderella possesses. It is believed that the prince or Cinderella never actually confessed any love, but in the magical powers that the dress endows has the prince so enchanted that marrying Cinderella could only be the right choice. The author just simply wants the reader to grasp the fact that there really

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