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Literary Analysis: The Lame Shall Enter First Nakia Chambliss Baptist College of Health Sciences Literary Analysis: The Lame Shall Enter First There are three main characters in this story: Sheppard, Norton and Rufus. Each character in this story is experiencing an emotional battle which they try to find healing but for some it will be too late. The narrator in the story is Sheppard. Sheppard is a widow, his wife died in less than a year before the story began. Sheppard experiences emotional distress by trying hard to change a troubled teen, Rufus, into an honorable young man while teaching his son, Norton, to be selfless. Instead…show more content…
A configuration of Rufus became Sheppard’s main concern. Sheppard think that by giving Rufus shelter, food, clothing and new shoes it would make him a better person and may change his perspective on life. Sheppard is a good moral individual but since he is an atheist it enrages Rufus. Norton is a precocious ten year old. His father even imagined that Norton will be a banker or will manage a loan company because he learns how to save money (Lame, 367). He sells seeds and collected four quarts of coins. He became an entrepreneur at a young age but his father viewed that as being selfish. He even scrutinized Norton for eating too much because he threw up. All his father wanted was for him was to be altruistic and do well just like him (Lame, 366). Unfortunately, Norton has no one in his life that loves him and cares for him. He has no friends, no other siblings it’s just him and his father, Sheppard. Norton has not retrieved from the death of his mother while Sheppard seems to be incapable of showing little or no emotion concerning his wife’s death. He even tells Norton to stop crying, “Don’t you think I miss her at all? I do, but I’m not sitting around thinking about my troubles?” (Lame, 368). Sheppard view his son as selfish and ungrateful. He does not empathize with his son grief instead he believes Norton should be focused on doing

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