Essay about Literary Comparison Flowers for Algernon vs Awakenings

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Literary Comparison Essay Flowers for Algernon VS Awakenings Most of us feel that we're “different” in one way or another at some point in our lives. Being different, however, is not always the “bad” thing that we sometimes imagine it to be. In fact, Charles Evans Hughes once said, “When we lose the right to be different, we lose the privilege to be free.” Literature often portrays differences as a good thing, too. In Flowers for Algernon, for example, vary from others, that person still has value and worth. Likewise, the movie Awakenings sends a similar message in the character of Leonard. Interestingly enough, even though the first story is science fiction and the second is based on real life events, Flowers for…show more content…
In my mind I believe that Charlie and Leonard alike were both "used" in someway or another. Charlie who was "used" to make the Doctors become rich was misled into thinking that his friends actually cared about him. Leonard's Doctor, Dr. Sayer, was thoughtful and wanted to help. Leonard believed that the doctors used him to also become rich. Dr. Sayer was not interested in the money, but he was interested in finding a cure for Encephalitis not fame and fortune. Even though they both thought that the Doctors were in to get them, they both agreed that they wanted the Doctors to learn from them. The theme of these stories in general is, in large, arrogance. This point being that we think we are above everyone else and we can make the same mistakes or we don't even make mistakes at all. Finishing, the messages of the stories, Charlie and Leonard, alike, both faced extreme difficulties in everyday tasks, but that doesn't mean that their lives didn't have meaning. They both had a short time without their diseases. The theme they and all of us learned that good things never last forever. Until we accept those things we cannot live our lives, even if that means living life where we can't walk or reading a book without remembering the last page you read. Charlie and Leonard, alike, both wanted to be, in some sense, normal. Another theme we can take from the overall theme of the book being learning and accepting

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