Literary Comparison

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A Literary Comparison of “Fiesta 1980” and Fences

Cultural Role in the Family Dynamic

Arthur Junot Diaz was born in the Dominican Republic and with his family immigrated to the United States when he was only seven years old. His Hispanic cultural background influences his story and characters Diaz’s characters use Latin dialect throughout the story “Fiesta 1980”. Likewise August Wilson grew up in a black neighborhood up north that influenced his characters, setting, and dialect in Fences. Both Diaz and Miller wrote from a cultural perspective. Each Arthur depicted how it was to live and grow up in their particular culture. Through the use of culture both Diaz and Wilson portray how important it
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If I was mad at you I’d tell you about it.” (Wilson, 1985, 1529) .They own a house and a small piece of property. Both Diaz and Wilson show how relevant the setting is in regard to the culture because it is vital in understanding the family dynamic. The members in both families were not entitled to opinions or input. Papi was going to drive the green Volkswagen van and Troy was going to live in the house his brother bought. The family is second to what both Papi and Troy want the desire first to be admired and respected for what material things they have acquired.

In “Fiesta 1980” Papi uses the fact that he is Dominican and in his Hispanic culture he can cheat and get away with it. It is understood in most Latin cultures that if the man is the breadwinner and brings home the money then what he should not be questioned. Papi was arrogant and let the fact that he was head of his family cloud his better judgment. Papi should have protected his sons from his lies and infidelity’s. Instead, Papi would use to fact that he was a macho man and the head of the family to show his sons a lesson in cheating. Papi would take them around his mistress and expose them to that side of his life, the side of his life that should have not even existed. “I met the Puerto Rican woman right after Papi had gotten the van” (Diaz,1996,155). Papi would use to van as an excuse and take his son driving, trying to help his car

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