Literary Criticism Of Iliad By Homer

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Estigoy, Myra Ednalyn D.
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Literary Criticism of Odyssey
By Homer
Like what I did in my literary criticism of Iliad also written by homer, first, I browsed my Merriam-Webster Dictionary to also search the meaning of the word “Odyssey”. With the help of my dictionary, I found out that the Odyssey 1) is a long journey full of adventures, 2) a series of experiences that give knowledge or understanding to someone, 3) along wandering or voyage usually marked by many challenges of fortune, 4) an intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest. Like I had stated in Literary Criticism on Iliad, this story time was about the Bronze Age or in Mycenaean, it was prospered by the Greeks who were venerable
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Let’s go to the distinctiveness of these two poetic poems. In the Iliad, it defines that the Iliad has an outline that is the struggle between the two arrays of Greeks who were described as shining, shimmering, splendid, and dazzling assemblage. While, on the other hand, Odyssey, has a meaning of Contact with “Others” others refers to the witches and monsters in the poem. In the Iliad, the gods there are depicted who were good fallacious, quick change of moods or mood swings or in other words moody, and gods who were betrayal. In Odyssey, the gods were not the same as described in the Iliad, here in Odyssey; the gods were a little bit more kind and generous. As you can see the gods in Odyssey seem to be more united and polite or courteous in their own way of perspective on how the things in life should be manage. Iliad and Odyssey leave a message that is hard to forget for someone who had read it. These two ancient poems give two noticeable dissimilar opinion or perspective when it comes to the disposition of its gods who were Olympian. It shows that the gods how they interact or communicate with the common people. These two ancient poems show up a contradiction regarding

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