Literary Criticism Of The Kite Runner

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Literary Analysis of The Kite Runner In the novel The Kite Runner, there are many actions from the characters such as Baba that make people wonder if they are good people or not. The Kite Runner is about two groups of people and two children from entirely opposite ethnicities who grow up together. While growing, it shows their suffers of a new age and world that they have to live in and how they adapted to it. Hosseini’s purpose of including morally ambiguous characters to this book is to give everybody in the novel an equal slate. Amir and Baba were rich but they were cold hearted at many times along with being selfish with rare chances they were good-natured around others. Unlike Amir and Baba, their servants were as kind as possible to everybody that came around including enemies and friends. Baba shows his moral ambiguity all throughout the book by taking Amir to America but is a mediocre father and a horrible role model. Baba is a morally ambiguous character in this novel due to the fact that his actions do not give a specific view on his character. Baba is the father of Amir, and he shows little to no love or affection for Amir. The way he raised Amir was to be there for Amir when needed him, but not to show affection in separate times making Amir feel as if he didn’t love him. “I had killed his beloved wife, his beautiful princess, hadn’t I”(19). Amir ended up blaming himself for his mother's death due to the fact Baba fails to show him love. Baba had
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