Literary Criticism Of The Notebook

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This literary analysis refers to the novel, The Notebook written by Nicholas Sparks which presents the untiring struggle of two loving hearts to achieve the ardency and eternity of their love.This novel discusses love story of Noah and Allison under unfavorable conditions. Parting of two lovers one of whom happens to be more ardent and consequential reunion of both has added unique charm to the novel. Problems in love are abundant. The ultimate darker period, once again, engulfed happy married life of both lovers when wife of the protagonist suffers Alzheimer’s disease. What else could be more painful for the protagonist to experience his own love who happened to be his wife denying him his identity?Even then Noah didn’t give up and kept alive and kicking his struggle. The…show more content…
The message depends on the perception and state of the mind of the reader. Some clear and explicit messages delivered through the novel include a constant urge for struggle in order to win the heart and mind of one’s lover. Love is magnificent and nothing significant and magnanimous can be achieved until and unless one lends everything to it. The second message is that of the one’s right to decide and choose for one’s partner. Everyone inherits the right of choice and decision from the nature and it must be exercised as the person wills or wants. The other themes and motifs of the novel include toils and labors of love, fruits of constancy and persistence and the serenity of heart and soul experienced in arms of one’s lover who acknowledges as well.
In short, this piece of writing deserves to be called as an intelligent and skillfully knitted piece of literature. It has added all things essential for comfort and pleasure of the reader. Choice of a fine theme with mastery of pen of the writer has made it the real master piece. Perhaps this is the reason some films and TV dramas have taken the theme of their scripts from plot and story of this
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