Literary Critics Of Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe is credited to be one of the best writers, editors, and literary critics of all time. His poetry and short stories are what majority of people recognize him for. His long and intriguing stories about mystery and the macabre are just some examples of his classic writings. At first, Edgar Allan Poe was referred to as the inventor of the modern detective story and a specialist in the science fiction genre. It was not until later in his life that people began to acknowledge him as one of America 's first admirable literary critics.
Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston Massachusetts, on January 19th, 1809. His parents, David Poe Jr. and Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins Poe, were professional touring actors.
Unfortunately for Edgar
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Often times he was inclined to use words just because of the way they sounded.
Words such as; ¨avarice, agony, aghast, crypt, demoniacal, frenzied, ghastly, and grotesque¨ are just some of the descriptive words he used to give more of an effect to the reader so that they could ¨feel¨ the story better. Edgar Allan Poe’s rise came during the Romantic period, and because of this his works focused on composing literary revolving around love or a tragic love. If you analyze his works, you can recognize a pattern of loss and love, something that he had experienced a great deal of in his early life. Edgar Allan Poe mainly used four types of genres. These genres include; Horror,
Tragedy, Gothic Fiction, and Short Story. Poe addresses emotions in a dark way and almost always used Gothic fiction. He uses Horror to bring out a physiological reaction. Horrors often use terror to raise a persons heartbeat, which leaves a lingering feeling of shock in the audience. A Tragedy is a type of drama that is based on human suffering that creates a sort of pleasure in the audience. Gothic Fiction is a genre or mode of literature and incorporates fiction, horror, death, and romance. Many people believe that Poe wrote about romance, but he wrote focused of a tragic romance - found in Gothic Fiction. A Short Story is a piece that a person can read and finish in one sitting.
In the late 1830s, at the young age of 21
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