Literary Devices In Amadeus

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The music in Amadeus has been beyond the simple role as a background of the movie and greatly influenced the flow of the narrative in the film. The movie Amadeus arouses realism and immersion in the life of Mozart which is glorious but miserable at the same time by appropriately arranging the narrative of the film with Mozart’s great music. In other words, the soundtrack of the film composed by Mozart works as the important dramatic device to describe Mozart’s life, the main theme of the movie – ordinary people’s jealousy of genius – and the relationship between God and humans in further. First of all, the Mozart’s music in Amadeus is used to vividly illustrate the overall life of Mozart and the situation in which Mozart’s was in when he composed his music. The film Amadeus is based on the play of the same title written by Peter Shaffer which is created depending on the rumor floating around Vienna in the 1820s that Salieri poisoned Mozart. Even though it is revealed that the rumor, which says, Mozart’s death is related to Salieri, is not true by several historical researches, still Amadeus depicts fictional life of Mozart in realistic way with appealing and enthrallment that the plot has. In addition to the narrative’s high level of immersion, the works of Mozart, which are properly placed with the plot…show more content…
In the film, Mozart is illustrated as the character which always has the fear of the presence of a ‘father.’ This trait of Mozart in Amadeus is based on the real relationship between Mozart and Leopold. In reality, Mozart had never received formal education. Instead, he was only educated by his father until he became an adult. (S.Y. Lee) Upon historical researches about real Mozart, it is not surprising why Mozart in Amadeus is portrayed like a child dependent on his father

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