Literary Devices In Ethan Frome

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In the book “Ethan Frome” many very important themes appear. These themes include: silence, isolation, and consequences. The most important and the one that appears the most in the book is consequences. The author presents these themes in ways to help the reader learn more in depth about the characters and the author. While also learning lessons about real life situations.
The book is set mostly around the theme of responsibility vs. consequences. Not only does the book teach the reader about how this could affect the characters lives but also how it could affect the reader's own life. The author gives many examples of real life situations on consequences and responsibility. For example, “ He was planning to take advantage of the Hales’ sympathy to obtain the money... deceiving two kindly people who had pitied him” (Ch.8, Pg. 97). From this example the reader is shown that Frome has finally realized that his responsibility to Zeena was to take care of her the way that she so kindly did for his mother. What the author is trying to teach the reader is that when someone is kind enough to help you when you are in need, then when they are in need you should “return the favor.” The author also is teaching the reader that you shouldn’t take from others if you don’t need what you are taking.
Also in the book, the author is uses many literary devices. Some of these devices include: symbolism, motif, and irony. These devices are used to help the reader become more involved in the
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