Literary Devices Used By Edgar Allan Poe

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Poets use literary devices to turn their poems into a movie in the reader’s mind; to allow the reader to visualize the story unfolding before them, and maybe even have the reader feel like they are there in the story, witnessing the events firsthand. Edgar Allan Poe does a good job of using literary devices to absorb the reader into his stories, like in “The Raven.” Narrated by a man trying to fall asleep late at night when a raven begins to pester him, only answering his questions with, “nevermore.” Poe uses many components to develop a mood of fear such as diction, imagery, and details.
One component Poe utilizes to help the reader visualize “The Raven,” is by using diction. Poe uses concise words to provoke the emotion of fear, and he wastes no time by starting the poem this way. On line 15 the narrator says, “So that now, to still the beating of my heart, I stood repeating...” The man says this after he hears a noise coming from his bedroom door. The reader can tell from this, that the man is afraid. He tries to calm his beating heart by telling himself it is just a visitor. From the start of the poem, Poe is trying to set the mood of fear. He continues to create this theme through the lines just after this one; on line 25, just after the man opens the door, he says, “Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing…” Poe uses words in this sentence that connote fear, using even the word “fear” itself. He uses words with negative feelings to them
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