Literary Devices Utilized in Thomas Foster's Book "How to Read Literature Like a Professor" Put to Use in "Pulp Fiction"

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The only real way to truly understand a story is to understand all aspects of a story and their meanings. The same goes for movies, as they are all just stories being acted out. In Thomas Foster's book, “How to Read Literature Like a Professor”, Foster explains in detail the numerous ingredients of a story. He discusses almost everything that can be found in any given piece of literature. The devices discussed in Foster's book can be found in most movies as well, including in Quentin Tarantino’s cult classic, “Pulp Fiction”. This movie is a complicated tale that follows numerous characters involved in intertwining stories. Tarantino utilizes many devices to make “Pulp Fiction” into an excellent film. In this essay, I will demonstrate how …show more content…
His reason to go there is that he was asked by his boss. He faces trials and tribulations along the way, including having to enter and win a dance competition with Mia and Mia overdosing on heroine, which she found in Vincent's jacket pocket. In the end, Vincent asks Mia is the events of the evening can stay between them and Mia agrees. The final outcome of Vincent's quest is that the two form a friendship with trust and respect. This mini story is just one example of how quests are used in “Pulp Fiction”. Archetypes or symbols are described in Foster's book as being easy to identify but almost impossible to define. According to Foster, everyone wants a symbol to mean something incredibly specific (Foster 97). In “Pulp Fiction”, the most prominent archetypes are the briefcase and the band-aid. Throughout the film, Marsellus Wallace wears a band-aid on the back of his neck and seeks out a briefcase which has been taken from him. The contents of the briefcase and the reason for the band-aid are never revealed throughout the movie. Whenever Marsellus does not have his briefcase, he is shown with the band-aid on the back of his neck and whenever he has his briefcase, the band-aid is gone. Anytime the briefcase is opened, the only thing seen is a bright golden light emanating from the case. Each character who sees what is inside of the case appears enthralled and amazed with the contents. A very popular theory about the meaning of the case and band-aid is that perhaps the
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