Literary Elements In Beowulf

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Beowulf is the complex journey of good and evil a journey the title character embarks on. The words and literary devices within this poem are the more striking and consistent aspect of the poem.The tone that carries the reader through this epic poem gives the battles a more vivid picture. In the beginning of the poem the reader is instantly hit with a narrative that is full of words so descriptive that helps personify the imagery of a nightmare to the point it could even make the reader weary of its surroundings. The unknown author’s choice of words in Beowulf gives the Holy Bible a more clear and understood meaning to even the most oblivious minds. Beowulf capability to allude to the Bible is also a genuinely compelling element to the poem.The poem’s ability to incorporate both paganism and Christianity, while continuing to deliver the tale with such diverse diction is quite astonishing. What makes the story or journey more fascinating is not only the literary devices but the message by behind every obstacle Beowulf has been forced to overcome. With each battle fought by Beowulf, there is always a meaning for it as there is a reason for the consequences that follow those battles. The unknown Christian monk does an impressive job showcasing the poem with great execution when it comes to the imagery and words so carefully chosen in order to give the audience a hybrid of an epic that is Beowulf. Lines 528-33 personify the lake’s appearance since Grendel’s dramatic
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