Literary Elements In Masque Of The Red Death

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The Masque of the Red Death, written by Edgar Allen Poe, contains multiple figures of literary elements. It’s setting was in the time where there was still castles and rulers of land. Personification with discovering the human like features the Red Death had. Foreshadow, when they locked themselves in the abbey and believed that no one else was able to enter. Then symbol, each of the seven rooms meant something. These are just a few of the multiple elements this story beholds within its words. The setting of this story was probably set in the 14 century in Europe. In the 14 century, there were multiple plaques that carpeted Europe during that time period. Clues that give information about the setting is such as, they welded the doors of the castellated abbey and that Prince Prospero held a masquerade in the abbey. In today's times, we don’t hold masquerades and we don’t have castellated abbey’s. Also, we don’t have plaques like they did in Europe around that time, we have small viruses that are curable when the plaques were not. So therefore, the setting was set in the old days, so things were possible then but not now. Personification showed up whenever the Red Death decided to come to the party. When the Red Death appeared, the story described the him of looking like a lifeless corpse. “His vesture was dabbed in blood -- and his broad brow, with all the features of the face, was besprinkled with the scarlet horror” (Poe). With the description of a human like figure, that causes personification to erupt within the story. If the uninvited figure had human like structures and acted as a mortal, then all of the people at the masquerade though he was a real human. From the description from the story, the Red Death acted and looked like a human, so there was personification to be found. At the beginning of the story they said that Prince Prospero invited his thousand closes friends, then when they all arrived they welded the doors closed so no one could enter. This is where foreshadowing starts to appear. They do not want anyone to show up because they don’t want the Red Death to condemn the abbey. Later, the uninvited guest appears and all of the guest are confused of who this intruder is. When they welded the
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