Literary Elements In Paper Towns

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577,449 copies of paper towns were sold in 2014, Paper Towns is a novel involving many different issues. This novel John green incorporates many different literary elements. John Green shows different literary elements throughout his writing, which develop the story and progress in showing you how the characters are described. John green uses conflict to describe the characters with person v person, person v society, person v self , and person v school.
Person versus person is a very important form of conflict. Friendship between the two main characters shows a form of conflict. Friendship connects with person v person because its one person and another person engaging. “Margo Roth Spigleman slid open my screenless bedroom window”(Green).
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Disappearance is one main part of person versus society conflict the author introduces in his novel. The author shows person versus society when one of the main characters runs away. “Margo roth spiegelman left when she wasn’t being Margo roth spiegelman”(Green 199 ). The author showed the character herself disappearing into society itself. The author also tries to show the form of conflict with using the idea of a “perfect World”. The author is trying to get the point across to the reader about person versus society conflict when one of the main characters is trying to strive for a perfect world in society. “You ever wonder what it would be like to be in a better town a paper town”(Green). The author is using a perfect world/ town as an example of person versus society. The author also displays the thought of person versus society through the works of a search party. The author used the search party with the theme of conflict to show the thought of them having to go out into society. “Lacey and I are are telling ben and Radar everything..”(Green 278). John green wanted to give an example of what it may look like to face society. There is another form of conflict as
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