Literary Elements In The Rape Of The Lock

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Analyse Rape of the Lock as a Mock Epic Poem. In the 18th century, the theory of literature is supported by the poet practices of the classical writers of Greece and Rome. According to the Neoclassical, human nature has been best understood, analyzed and expressed by the classical writers. Therefore nothing created by the modern writers. Most neoclassical writers follow the masters of the craft but take care while modifying theories. Hence neoclassic writers fit the needs of age. The sense of society subject is an important element to address in neoclassical theories. In English language, Rape of the Lock is one of a poem by Alexander Pope. It has implied epic background ideas that made it a famous and a successful mock epic poem. It indicates to quote from, imitates and satires specific lines and incidents from great epics of homer, virgil and Milton. Mock epic uses characteristic features of epic aiming for mockery and laughter. Such as invocation to the muse, argument, media res, epic similes, God and supernatural power that makes the creation of topic minor subject into a narrative mock epic poem. While forming The Rape of the Lock, Pope has involved the certain classical necessity traditions. Such as invoke to the muse; card game that signifies symbol of battle; heroes and armors descriptions; underworld successions; journeys,…show more content…
Their characters were changed Arabella Fermor as Belinda and Lord Petre as Baron. Pope’s purpose of the Rape of the Lock was severely taken into mock-epic for these two spread of existent disputes. His aim was to dissolve the tension of two disputes by using his comedy, witty hearted manner and mock that society’s insignificance. Pope applies grand, proud subject, love, war in-between Belinda and Barron. The arguments and purpose of Rape of the Lock as a mock epic signifies the attacks to women possessing egotism and
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