Literary Elements Of Bram Stoker 's Dracula

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Vampire stories introduce the reader to mystery and suspense and also very interesting effects, but did you know that the story of Dracula has plenty of literary elements that better help the reader analyze and understand the story better than before. Dracula is a Vampire/Victorian book that expresses a lot of elements for example: symbolism. Literary terms such as gothic and romantics are terms used to discuss, classify, and analyze novels, poetry, and books like Dracula. These terms are the most important aspects in a piece of work. Throughout the book: Dracula many terms are present to discuss or classify the author’s work that will lift the reader knowledge. Literary terms are defined as: the writer’s message in a simple manner to the …show more content…

Jonathan even says that he has become a prisoner. These gothic elements are elements that represent the dark features of the book that are happening to Jonathan and what he is going through.
Round characters are throughout the story, and all play a significant role during the story. Jonathan, Mina, and Dr.Seward are all round characters that make a significant impact on the story. The round characters play a significant and impactful part, throughout the story. For example, when Mina Harker was in the process of becoming a vampire in Chapter 26 she guides and helps the group consisting of Jonathan, Mina, Seward, Vanhelsing, Arthur, and Quincey Morris track down Dracula so they can have the jump on him. “All day long we have traveled...” (Stoker 393). This shows that Mina has given them information on Dracula and join them in the journey. The group finds and kills him to set Mina soul free. Dr. Seward is seen as a doctor who helped Mina and Lucy to save one of their lives. The quote shows that round characters play a big part in the story. Jonathan throughout the story evolves. Jonathan’s actions prove a round character plays a major role throughout the book even though some may not even notice. But they play a role that can change up the whole story. The round character has to develop like Mina did.
The use of romantics helps mold the story together. By being displaying during the duration of the story it allows better understanding. There

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