Literary Elements Of Medea

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A masterpiece of ancient Greek Literature

Medea is the story about the revenge of a woman. It depicts the conversion of a devotee wife into a merciless woman. This story enlights our minds with a fact that a woman can build a home with her love and affection and she can also destroy it if she gets double crossed. Love her your world will be a paradise Betray her she will snatch it from you Something about the writer:
Euripides an important literary figure among the ancient Greek writers who is famous for his unique writing style. In ancient times Greeks called themselves the most civilized nation but when it comes to give a respectable place to a women
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Plot of the Story:
The most essential feature of a tragedy is its plot that is the arrangement of incidents and it is the soul of every tragedy that should be a complete whole.
This story doesn’t satisfies the complexity of plot as we don’t see any reversal of intention and recognition in Medea’s character. She is firm on her decision of bloody revenge, that she didn’t bother killing her children too. Medea’s plot is not that much suitable if we do its comparsion with aristotles view. It lacks the element of probability and necessity as medea already knew about the second marriage of his husband and she decided at the very beginning that she will take take revenge of this dishonesty.
So all the incidents were quite clear and the plot is simple in this sense.
The length of the story is also suitable. If we talk about the main unit of tragedy
“Catharsis” that is purification of soul , than medea lacks in making this emotional connection with the audience. A tragic hero should be normal having good and bad qualities like ordinary human beings but here the protagonist was a kind of super human who had some magical
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