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Short stories came into the literature world as brief, single sitting stories, yet containing an exclusively developed subject. A short story is packed with descriptive details that form together to grab the reader’s attention in a short amount of time. The authors indulge in rich details to create the narrative into a jaw dropping meaning story from the beginning to the ending. The author begins with constructing the story with the building blocks of literary devices. Short story authors apply the literary techniques of symbolism, irony and theme to create a meaningful connection with the reader. Authors exploit symbolism into the works of literature to create strong connections between ideas, actions or persons that intertwine to…show more content…
As the fifteen years began closing in, “…it is all over with me: I shall be utterly ruined,” (Chekhov 100) the banker realized he was doomed because he hadn’t been expecting the lawyer to survive imprisoned for the fifteen years which caused his pride to increase and his fortune to decrease. Lastly, irony is seen upon when in the letter that the lawyer wrote to the banker stating, “…I despise wisdom and the blessings of this world. It is all worthless…” (102), the reader can see that the fifteen years of being imprison had evolved being in prison which led him to open his eyes to see what actually matters in life. Irony is the digging deeper of the obvious in a short story that perhaps changes the whole meaning of the story.
Finally, theme is the repeated idea that the author weaves into the story which represents the purpose of the narrative. Anton Chekhov’s main theme in “The Bet” that is emphasized is that life is more precious than money. “To live anyhow is better than not at all,” (97) the lawyer states from the opening believes that life is too valuable for one to give up the opportunity to live. He would rather live in prison the rest of his life then to be sentenced with the death penalty.
Thus, short stories have been given the honor of entering the world due to their presence and the talented authors that have done a remarkable job of using literary elements. They have gone farther than just putting words on a paper; they
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