Literary Foils Of Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen

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“Distinguished by her sisters”: Literary Foils in Pride and Prejudice

The bicycle, the tin can, the steam locomotive, exercise, and the Bennet sisters; all of these were creations that came from Regency England. All of these things have had a lasting effect on modern day society. While the Bennet sisters seem the least important, the story of their lives provides modern society with insight into how the upper class in Regency England lived. The Bennet sisters themselves are an eclectic group of girls; each one has her own distinct personality. In Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, the minor characters: Mary, Lydia, and Kitty, serve as literary foils to glorify the good traits of the major characters: Jane and Lizzy.
Of the five Bennet sisters, three of them get engaged/married throughout the book. Of those three, Jane and Lizzy have happy, loving marriages. The other marriage, Lydia’s marriage, was forced due to her scandalous relationship. Jane was ecstatic to be engaged and was truly in love with her fiancé: “Oh! Lizzy, why am I thus singled from my family, and blessed above them all! If I could but see you as happy! If there were but such another man for you”(Austen 300). Jane, and later on Lizzy, got engaged to a wealthy upper class man who she truly loved. Lydia’s relationship did not begin as joyfully as her sisters’. Lizzy demonstrated the issues of the marriage perfectly: “How Wickham and Lydia were to be supported in tolerable independence, she could not

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