Literary Genres : Literary Differences And Characteristics In Literature

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The given literary works are very diverse regarding their genre ranging from fiction to poetry. Their difference brings out different aspects and concepts that can be used to support the topic in question. Even though they lack similarity in their chronological designation, with the application of tools such as modernism it is easy to understand their loosely defined characteristics. The characteristic feature that can quickly be noted from all the literature work is that they share related theme regarding the subject in question. They all address issues related to inequality, racism, and life before the introduction of justice for all. The aspect of continuous struggle can be easily seen in all the works. The thematic relatedness in the literary works helps the writer to compare and contrast ideas from different perspectives in respect to time and narration to come up with one detailed and well-composed context. Regarding the above explanation, literature can be defined as a detailed research and analysis of a subject or situation through the literary application techniques such as comparison, criticism, modernism to come up with a well composed final content.
An oral production or drama text in any literature works plays a crucial role in enriching the content. Some writer may classify some drama work as films and thus eliminate it from being part of writing. Oral productions provide enrichment to culture and language spicing up the written work ("Literary Genres: Definition, Types, Characteristics & Examples - Video & Lesson Transcript |," 2017). They reveal insights into the targeted culture and presents language in a manner that is easily understandable and memorable by placing them in a realist social context. Giving the readers a chance experience a characterization of drama makes them become feel involved in the context contribution. The topic at in question, African American Literature will require supporting cultural background ideas which will enrich the content. Therefore, the inclusion of drama text in the attempt to support the topic at hand makes it indeed a literature work.
As mentioned above literature works are diverse and are categorized into the different group concerning their
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