Literary Impacts Of Symbolism In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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Literary Devices Impact on Anthem The story of Anthem takes place in some unspecified future in which freedom and individual rights have been obliterated. Equality 7-2521, the protagonist, is a street sweeper who finds a tunnel where he conducts his science experiments. Throughout the book we see him change and move towards individualism as he discovers how capable he really is. Ayn Rand uses vast amounts of literary devices to describe the evolution of Equality 7-2521. In the dystopian novella, Anthem, Ayn Rand expresses epochal symbolism and poetic personification in order to passionately display the individual’s superiority over the collective. Rand implements epochal symbolism, in Anthem, to illustrate symbolism throughout the plot. For example, The Uncharted Forest symbolizes the unknown. It expresses all those mysteries in the world that Equality 7-2521 says he wants to learn about, over and over again, in the opening of the novella. And more importantly, Equality 7-2521 can only start to solve those mysteries on his own because, “Beyond the plain there lies the Uncharted Forest, about which no man must think about” revealing that Equality 7-2521's society reluctant to enter it, just as it refuses to actually learn about nature through the pursuit of science(Rand 15). Equality 7-2521, on the other hand, does enter it, just as he also is driven by science to inquire into reality with an open mind. Rand also describes the invention of light. It talks about Equality

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