Literary Influence Of Mark Twain

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The first American writer

Long considered a vulgar comedian and storyteller for children, Mark Twain appears in the twentieth century. as one of the greatest American writers. Since 1920, its influence has marked most American novelists, who see in the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884), the first truly American novel. Hemingway wrote, "All modern American literature comes down a book by Mark Twain called Huckleberry Finn. This is the best book we've had. Everything that is written in America comes from there. »
This influence of Mark Twain brand on two main levels: that style and that of the subject. He rips American literature in Europe. Before him, the American writer transcribed in English rhetoric. Twain, he exploits the resources
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But, preferring the blows of his father at the school boredom, he joined the maquis. Kidnapped, threatened with death by his father suffering from delirium tremens, Huck runs away on an island in the Mississippi. It meets Jim, a slave escaped, which has sold the women and children. The white children and black slave escape on a raft over Mississippi. The novel takes under comedy and black humor, a mythical dimension, where such Quixote and Sancho, both innocent converse of the train which goes the world, while escaping continually to death. Because they risk death: at the time, help a runaway slave was more serious than stealing cattle. Huck runs into this adventure because he is uneducated and immoral. The moral paradox Huck is that the bad boy, defying the laws and customs, sets a higher morality, where all men, whatever their class, color or education, are equal. The rascal using slave to challenge society. Outlaw, this extraordinary pair of white and black Gavroche Sancho dismantles the social order. Vendetta, where they lack die, becomes a satire of war. The two crooks they become unwitting accomplices provide a satire of hierarchical
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