Essay Literary Luminaries and English Vocabulary

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The intention of the paper is to exhibit a comprehensive reading of literary luminaries who contributed to the stock of English vocabulary. English language has the most enriched vocabulary of the world. It is famous for its derivative, assimilative, structural and flexible features. English people have inquisitive mind and they add to their stock what they found essential for them. So I shall show indebtedness of English language towards the great luminaries. It has influence of foreign vocabulary. English language can be called a language of massive efforts and it is a collage. It has got influenced and it has also influenced several languages.
Literature and linguistic aesthetics are two phase of a single paper, without one other has no value. English luminaries do not only created great works but also enriched its vocabulary. English is a living and growing language. The vocabulary of English is so rich because of its digestive, assimilative, inventive and derivative features. It has assimilated words and phraseology from Greek, Latin, French, Scandinavian, Hindi, Urdu and American dialects. It did not only assimilate but made everything of its own. Time to time essayists, poets, novelists, philosophers, scientists and thinkers added its treasure with words and phrases. It has discarded, replaced, and modified a large number of words. It is remarkable to note how a dialect became an international language. It has become the language of international communication and…