Literary Pieces And Can Complicate More Than What Essay

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Metaphors are figures of speech conveyed to non-literal, non-applicable objects, actions or phrases. They can trick the mind’s interpretation of one thing into something more than what it appears. Metaphors envelop many writers’ literary pieces and can complicate more than what seems obvious to the readers whilst portraying different aspects for literary criticisms. Many authors utilize these poetic tactics to give different perspectives to their written works. Ernest
Hemmingway, a great American 20th century novelist produced many literature writings, and of his greatest creations Hills like White Elephants emerged in 1920. A short story consisting of what appears to be a simplistic conversation between an American man and a mysterious woman named Jig, (whose ethnicity was never revealed) soon developed into a convoluted scenario between male and female seemingly sharing two very different viewpoints on a singular mysterious topic. The setting for the lover’s conversation takes place in a small bar/café in or near a train station. After the short story’s publication, many writers expressed different interpretations of what Ernest Hemmingway’s true meaning of this “simplistic” topic could have conveyed to its audiences. Many literary criticisms were formatted. One critic, Kenneth Johnson, interprets the cloud shadow that Jig sees moving over the fertile grain field as “foreshadowing the death of her unborn child”. In other words, Johnson believes the talk of the landscaping
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