Literary Response : The Handmaid 's Tale

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Summer/ Literary Response • The Handmaid’s Tale • Margaret Atwood • 324 pages • Published 1986 1. Point of View: The novel is written in first person point of view. In first person point of view, we are brought into the mind and world of the main character, Offred. This allows the reader to experience moments and memories as vividly as she does. Ultimately, the reader bonds and sympathizes with Offred. 2. Main Characters: a. Offred , 33 years old b. Offred is rebellious, nostalgic, and remorseful. • “It 's an event, a small defiance of rule, so small as to be undetectable, but such moments are the rewards I hold out for myself, like the candy I hoarded, as a child, at the back of a drawer.” • “I think about Laundromats. What I wore to them: shorts, jeans, jogging pants. What I put into them: my own clothes, my own soap, my own money, money I had earned myself.” • “Eight, she must be now. I 've filled in the time I lost, I know how much there 's been. They were right, it 's easier, to think of her as dead. I don 't have to hope then, or make a wasted effort.” c. Offred is a round and dynamic character. In the beginning of the story, she is more reserved and passive; however, by the end of the novel she is much more willing to take risks. She also demonstrates many different character traits, sometimes her traits go as far as to directly contradict one another. d. Offred is the protagonist of the story. She has the misfortune to be a handmaid in the town of Gilead. She

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