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Literature Search This paper is about performing searches for peer-reviewed scholarly research articles using online data bases. Two articles are identified; one as a qualitative study and the other as a quantitative study. The first, "Nursing care of prisoners: staff views and experiences" (Powel, Harris, Condon, and Kemple, 2010) is a qualitative research study. This was recognized as a qualitative research study because it was based on feelings and views; not objective findings. Burns and Grove (2011) defines a qualitative research study as "a systematic, subjective approach used to describe life experiences and situations and give them meaning" (p. 20). The second article, "Assessing Behavior and Social Competence of Severely…show more content…
Burns & Grove (2011) states, "A research report often includes six parts: (1) Abstract, (2) Introduction, (3) Methods, (4) Results, (5) Discussion, and (6) References” (p. 55). Typically plain journal articles do not have the previously mentioned specific criteria present. The two selected articles are from the following journals: Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing and Journal of Advanced Nursing. These two journals are recognized as peer-reviewed or scholarly journals because the information was stated in each of the journals. In the first article, "Nursing care of prisoners: staff views and experiences" (Powel et al, 2010) the last page has an acknowledgement written with regard to the journal being peer-reviewed. This acknowledgement states, "The Journal of Advanced Nursing (JAN) is an international, peer-reviewed, scientific journal" (Powel et al, 2010, p. 1265). The second article, "Assessing Behavior and Social Competence of Severely Emotionally Disturbed Youth Admitted to Psychiatric Residential Treatment" (Groot, 2009) has a similar statement printed in the beginning of their journal stating only peer-reviewed articles are present in this journal. Conclusion In conclusion, three data bases were utilized to conduct a literature search for two peer-reviewed research articles; one qualitative research study and one
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