Literary Techniques In The Highwayman

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Kyle Cantrell Professor Toni 16 November 2017 Riding The highwayman is a beloved historical look on the traditional forbidden love story that is filled with imagery and unexpected moments to keep the reader interested. Alfred Noyes doesn't experiment with new writing techniques or revolutionary storylines. However he utilizes elements and techniques that have been used for centuries. This common story line of the thief or robber who has a forbidden love is common among many classic english works of literature. Noyes was purposefully giving his readers a taste of an England that was already long gone by 1906. The “Highwayman” uses literary devices such as repetition, imagery, and rhyming to advance the story and contribute to the plot in a meaningful way to the reader. The “Highwayman follows the story of a young highwayman who is on his way to visit his love “Bess” at her father's large in. A highwayman is a man on horseback who stops people on the road and robs them of their belongings. He is in a hurry so once he arrives at the inn he only has time for one quick kiss for Bess and then he has to ride off into the hills. He promised Bess that he will be back the next night, and she waits in anticipation. The next night British soldiers take who hate the highwayman and want to put an end to his rides tie up Bess and hold her at gunpoint as they wait for his arrival. As the night goes on Bess becomes more inconsolable and worried as the impending doom of her love grows
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