Literary Techniques Poetry Analysis 1

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Literary Techniques: Poetry Analysis 1 Diction and Imagery Literary Techniques • The meaning of a poem (i.e its focus, mood and the speaker’s attitude) is enhanced by four main types of literary techniques: • Diction • Imagery • Sound devices • Rhythm, Rhyme and Repetition Diction • Diction is the choice of words a poet uses to bring meaning across. In working through a poem, it is useful to question why a certain word is used, and what kind of effect is achieved with the choice and placement of the word. • Analyze a word by its literal meaning first, then state whether there is an implied meaning based on its context: “A rosy shield upon its back, That not the hardest storm could crack.” “The Dead Crab” by Andrew Young • Why is “a…show more content…
How do we analyze a simile or a metaphor? • Identify if it is a simile or a metaphor? • Identify which object is being compared (A)? What is it being compared to (B)? • Describe characteristics of B to understand what is implied about A. Phrase 1. “I wandered lonely as a cloud” William Wordsworth 2. “My parents kept me from children who were rough / And who threw words like stones” Stephen Spender 3. “Hold fast to dreams
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