Literary Techniques Used in a Very Old Man with Enormous Wings by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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This essay analyzes how Marquez efficiently utilizes an exceptional style and imaginative tone that requests the reader to do a self-introspection on their life regarding their responses to normal and abnormal events. Marquez sets the tone of the story with an occurrence that is unusual and unsolicited: a newborn caught in bad weather. The introductory writing style is striking as Marquez gives a hint of the bad weather: “The world had been sad since Tuesday.” (Márquez 13) He introduces a supernatural element by describing a bizarre old man with massive wings. He shatters the assumption that angels are powerful and divine by describing the old man stuck in the mud as, “…impeded by his enormous wings” (Márquez 13) and unable to free himself. Marquez uses irony as an element of tone to show the reader that the wings, which were supposed to aid the man, are now his source of anguish. It is evident when a woman, having concluded that the peculiar old man was an angel, decides to put him to death by bludgeoning. Marquez utilizes ironic wording in describing the actions of the couple who felt noble after their decision to put the old man on a raft with food “and leave him to his fate on the high seas.” (Márquez 14) In sections of the story, Marquez’s tone indicates regret.…
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