Literary Theory : The Postcolonial Theory

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Literary Theory: Postcolonial theory is about how literature can be used as a political instrument during certain times in our history. Post-colonial theory looks at how power, religion, culture, and economics and how they are written and related to the time period and the colonization that was happening. For example when reading about colonization in American we only read from writing from men who are white and upper/middle class. Literature could be oppressive because it was only written from one point of view back when colonization was happening.

Cultural studies theory looks at different cultures and how they are viewed, this theory does not allow us to make assumptions. As individuals we are not allowed to make assumption about writing and what culture has better writing. Cultural studies theory looks at the different cultures and tries to make meaning of the humans and their actions. For example we can look at how Indians are portrayed, and what Indians have written. Each culture has their literature, and has been written about.

Psychological theory focuses on the basic patterns of human development, thinking, and behavior. When looking at the psychological theory you look at what the writing is hiding from the reader. As reader we all read different and analyze different, and when reading and looking at the psychological theory it is important to make an educated guess on what we think is happening psychologically. Most reader are not psychologist, so they do…
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