Literary Works Based On War And Heroism

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Kenyia Lepine
Instructor Lovoy
English 271
June 22, 2015

In reading The Iliad and Beowulf, one can conclude they are both literary works based on war and heroism. The hero in the Iliad is Achilles, who is from Greece and is the Archaen army’s greatest warrior in the battle of the Trojan war. Beowulf, a Geatish warrior has come to help the Danes in their long fight against Grendel, showing his heroism. Both characters Achilles and Beowulf share some similar traits such as their thirst for glory, their abnormal strength, and their courage. The characters also display several differences among each other as in they are not from the same cultures, Beowulf is more selfless than Achilles, and Achilles fights humans instead of mythical creatures such as Beowulf does. In medieval literature and todays literature, heroism is important simply because it gives people hope and inspires them. As stated before, Achilles and Beowulf were both thirsty for glory and I think that trait is still present in today’s time which cannot always be positive. Also, in todays time it is not the term hero that has changed. It is we who have changed. For most people, the media, pop culture, and events in society change our perception of a hero. In Beowulf, Beowulf’s thirst for glory is expressed throughout the entire story. “Inspired again by the thought of glory, the war-king threw his whole strength behind a sword-stroke and connected with the skull (2677-2680)”. In the Iliad, Achilles shows his
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