Literature : A Road For Victory

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Literature: A Road to Victory
“The best way to think about reality, I had decided, was to get as far away from it as pos-sible…” (Murakami). What better way to escape than to read that favorite book of yours. Don’t have a favorite book? Well, let me introduce you to the wonderful world of literature. Like many others out there today, one may think reading is boring. I’d like to think that is only because they have not found that one book that catches their attention. It is sort of like those who judge food without trying it; you don’t know until you try it. Being forced to read a book in high school is not the same as reading a book for pleasure. When you take the time to read, and actually com-prehend what is written, it can open your eyes to a completely new world you had no idea exist-ed. It is another form of your imagination; and without imagination, how can people do and cre-ate the new technology for our future? Literature is one of the most important things in this world. This will give you the knowledge you need to complete anything in life: it is truly the key to success.
Literature allows people to escape reality. It can also be very calming to some. Reading about others and seeing life through their eyes can often bring light to a situation. It’s almost as if you 're walking in their shoes. Poems, short stories, and novels are a great example of ways to escape for most people who read. You can genuinely relate to what the author is trying to express through
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