Literature Analysis of Hamlet Essay

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Literature Analysis of Hamlet U5A1 Letitia Stevens Introduction to the Humanities (HUM1000) Unit 5 Literature Analysis of Hamlet Capella University May 2016 Introduction During the last years of Queen Elizabeth, “The Tragedy of Hamlet” was written by William Shakespeare. The father of Hamlet appeared outside of the Elsinore Castle on what seemed to a very cold night for the season that they were in. His appearance was referred to as of a warning that was leading to the killing in ancient Rome of Caesar. The presence provided Horatio and his company a suggestion that something threatening or evil had previously taken place and the would have been an offset to nature in Denmark. There was a transfer of power post the death…show more content…
Hamlet was distraught after he found out that is father had been killed by his uncle and then to learn that his uncle shortly thereafter married his mother was seemingly unbearable. Hamlet had a conversation with himself as to the pros and cons of continuing his life. This is the conversation that he had himself while he waited for his plan unfold. A suicidal death were his thoughts because of the deep frustration regarding the situation. My opinion of this Soliloquy is a two-part question that Hamlet was considering. Initially, he was considering taking his life. This was essential because of the fact that his uncle had taken his father’s life and within 30 days of his father’s death, his uncle and his mother are married. Secondly, he contemplated getting revenge against his father’s death. This was beginning to be too much for a young prince to handle so he figured some rest and sleep would shield and him from the life that was less than perfect life that he was living. In his thoughts, he felt as if he would sleep and dream that is his pain and misery of his reality would end. Every thought of every day was miserable and painful. Each memory brought sorrow and anger, therefore, he wanted to sleep in hopes of the reality of life taking a pause. Hamlet’s reality was too much for him to bear. While his body slept it seemed that that he would be safe from the oppressive faults of
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