Literature And Its Influence On Literature

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Once people mention the literature, the Nobel Prize in Literature or some world-famous masterpieces, like Shakespeare’s plays, would pop out of my mind. However, won the Nobel Prize in Literature or not should not be the only measurement to define the literature. Then, what’s literature? People could define it based on their personal preferences, but the literature, according to the online dictionary, is defined as “the body of artistic writings of a country or period that are characterized by beauty of expression and form and by the universality of intellectual and emotional appeal.” Literary works is generally expressed through the text, but not all printed materials could be considered as the literature. For me, literature is the…show more content…
The Seventh Day was a novel written by my favorite author Yu Hua. It attracted me because of its up and downs of the plot. At the age of 41, Yang Fei, the main character, encountered an accidental and unceremonious death. The whole story is talking about all the things that happened after the death of Yang Fei. Each chapter represents each day after he died, and every chapter contains a full story that was recalled by Yang Fei. No one knows what a dead body would experience, so the novel writing perspective impressed me a lot, and the setting of the plot stimulated my desire to continue reading. As time goes by, Yang Fei met more and more dead people that he knew when he was alive. The author puts in a flashback to describe how he gradually recollected all his memories before he died. For example, Yang Fei said in his mind, “I gazed at the beautiful face in front of me… Her face became more familiar in my mind. Suddenly, my memory reaches its peak! She’s my wife!” (Yu 31) Later on, he thought of his adoptive father; he thought of the family that was killed by a demolition; he thought of the girl who suicide because of an emulation IPhone 4, etc. The story starts reaching the climax, and the plot becomes more substantial. The plot is only the skeleton of the story, so describing what a character is like is also crucial because it could bring the fullness to the story. The Seventh Day used the
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