Literature And Oppression

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How Literature reflects Oppression Literature reflects society and vice-versa. Every culture, county, societies have literature of their own. Literature in a way points out issues that are observed in the society and people belonging to that particular culture. One can in a way also say that literature outlines the society as literature is a depiction and representation of society and its people, it signifies pre-existing ideas and concepts in a society. Whereas, the, new literature, can mould the psyche within the society, influence the politics present within the society for the overall betterment of the people and society. Oppression got recorded in the literature with the writers and authors considering themselves as important voice to highlight the problems and issues faced by their countries. Oppression is oppression and the dominant group oppresses the minority of…show more content…
In the earlier theatre, the voice that hinted or highlighted the issues faced by women in the Indian household was absent. With the rise of feminist theatre, women came into forefront where they themselves expressed their feelings towards the oppression which they themselves have witnessed as a victim, a unique identity of the women was created on the stage with the ‘freedom’ to use their own language, tone and above all to have their own voice and tongue to ‘express’ their feeling. Feminist theatre brought about a change in women’s lives as it provided a platform to the women to speak and express moreover it worked as juncture to perform the art as well as critique the social system of oppression and inequality. It was first of its kind where Indian dramatists came up with these issues and for the theatre moreover it worked as a great challenge to the conventional and traditional notions of
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