Literature And Songs Of Hebrew Literature

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The people in mid-19th century, up until the beginning of 20th century, before the British .helped to declare Israel a state; around Eastern Europe, the idea of “nationality” began to appear. Up until now, Jewish people hadn’t established a foundation that provided them with security; there was no real place they could call “home.” Because they didn’t have a place that was their own, other nations around the world didn’t view them as a nation, they were seen as individuals. Around this time, anti-Semitism began to emerge, it was time for the Jewish people to come together as one and let go of their past and that desire drove them to a pivotal point in Jewish history. By analyzing different pieces of Hebrew literature and songs that were written during this time in history, the evidence shows that the definition of “Jew” changed and Jewish people started to look at themselves differently and gained confidence to be a nation and not an individual. Avraham Shlonsky wrote a poem titled “Tiller of the Soil” characterizes and defines the Jew and his/her hard work for the land and their passion for it. The way Shlonsky uses the words and play on words emphasizes the point of a hard working Jew. One of the lines that Shlonsky states is, “Never before was the distance so small, Between man, And camel, And sky.” This statement that he makes illustrates how the people are united with the land and their God, it also expresses the feeling they’ve always hoped and prayed for. Shlonsky

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