Literature As A Child Of The Colonial Times

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Chloe Lenton
Mrs. Hughes
English III
2 March 2015
Literature as a Child to the Colonial Times
The Colonial events can be symbolized as a mother that gave birth to the literature in the time period. While the literature in times before the colonial period could have influenced the events in the following period, events in the colonial time period effected the literature of the time because many literature works came after Colonial and Puritan events and also reflected those times. Edward Taylor 's poem "Huswifery" give us a light on the average colonial life, Anne Bradstreet 's puritan views effect the way she reacts toward the burning of her house in her poem, and the time period was so influential that Arthur Miller wrote a novel many years later about a significant event in the time.
The Salem Witch trials and Puritan lifestyles so immeasurably affected the world and intrigued Arthur Miller that he wrote a fiction story that is based on real events in the 1600s, hundreds of years later. In the story, all of the church officials and leaders were also government leaders, which is how the Puritans chose their government officials in the 1600s. Puritans believed that any sin against God was a crime under government law, and they believed that government and church should be one power. Just as people are expected to obey the law, Puritans were expected to conform to the way of the church. Any expression of individuality or non-conformity was frowned upon. As an example, in Act…
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