Literature Based Essay: Dreams and Reality

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Literature-Based Essay Introduction Dreams and reality are two well-worn themes but they apply seamlessly to stories in this assignment, and they are part of a student's learning experience. The learning for an alert student is based on seeing how themes drive characters and how characters drive plots. What one character in the literature (Topic 1) (Madame Loisel) deems unacceptable and even degrading is in truth a rich blessing to be cherished juxtaposed with what another character (Viktor Frankl) finds to be truly degrading and wholly unacceptable as well but is far, far more degrading and pathetic than what Madame Loisel experiences as she pines for more. The character in The Necklace, middle class Madame Loisel, ""¦suffered intensely"¦ from the poverty of her dwelling, from the worn walls, the abraded chairs, the ugliness of the stuffs" (Maupassant). The poor woman, all she could do is fantasize "exquisite dishes," "glittering silver," and "large parlors decked with old silk" (Maupassant). In this story substance is replaced by style because Madame Loisel appears to have high social standing at the Ministry ball but she is not what she appears to be. In Man's Search for Meaning no one worried much about the hideously inhuman conditions they lived in, because unlike Madame Loisel, who wanted to appear to be in a higher social strata than she was, Viktor Frankl just wanted to stay alive in a death camp. "Every man was controlled by one thought only: to keep
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