Literature Comparison

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Literature Comparison Krystal Swafford ENG125 Loretta Crosson October 15, 2012 There are different types and forms of literature. They are novel, drama, poetry, biography, non-fictional prose, essay, epic and short story. All these types of literature have some elements. To complete a piece of literature, a writer, dramatist or a novelist must use certain elements like plot, character, theme, etc. to capture the interest of their readers. When reading literature, there are themes which are interpreted within the literary piece. Themes reflect innocence, experience, life, death, reality, fate, madness, sanity, love, society, individual, etc. Such themes present a point of a lesson learned or the particular meaning the…show more content…
After using the historical approach to analyze this story and researching the author herself I found an underlying theme of freedom from social norms with the plot and the character portrayed contributing to that theme. A plot is a dynamic element in fiction, a sequence of interrelated, conflicting actions and events that typically build to a climax and bring about a resolution. In this story the plot is by no means climatic but it starts with a tragic death, which draws you in, I know morbid but true. Everyone is afraid to tell the young woman about her husband’s death because of her weak heart. They all fear she will die from grief. But when she is told, she locks herself in her room after a crying fit, again, everyone worried that she will make herself ill with grief. But this is not what the young woman is doing. She is realizing something, struggling with something. You have to keep reading because now you want to know…what is she doing? If you understand the metaphors, similes and symbols you can figure it out before the epiphany happens, but you have to read carefully. If you don’t you begin to think her cruel, she’s happy her husband is dead? And the plot thickens until the words escape her mouth, “Free, free, free!” And there is the epiphany, what we have been waiting for. She has struggled with social norms and her husband’s will bend because he was the man and
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