Literature: Flannery O’Connor and Chuck Palahniuk´s Work

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A short story is a work of literature that is shorter than a novel. Although some may believe the length may not be enough to develop a noble story, in these few pages an author can pack a tight punch that will leave one in awe, disgust, or utter sadness. Whether there is a moral of the story or it is simply for the reader’s enjoyment, each author has their own style of conveying a message through their work in very diverse ways. Through Flannery O’Connor and Chuck Palahniuk’s works we can see this very evidently. Flannery O’Connor’s A Good Man is Hard to Find is a short story about a family who is shot and killed by a criminal, named The Misfit, on a family road trip. This story is filled with themes such as immorality, subtle…show more content…
When her family was separated from her, she said nothing but as soon as she saw she was about to be shot, she tried to save herself by repeatedly telling The Misfit, “You wouldn’t shoot a lady.” It was not until it was too late that she realized that she was wrong and was no better than anyone else. O’Connor’s stories tend to deal with the issues of so-called “Christians” and their inability to live the life they portray, much like her short story Good Country People. The detail and symbolism that Flannery O’Connor places in her stories have a definitive meaning and can be sought out to have some type of underlying connotation. Many of her motifs are religiosity and immorality. She has a way of showing her readers that not everyone is cracked up to who they portray themselves as. The way that Flannery depicts her feelings of society through her writing is very unusual. She has a way of bringing out the worst in her characters in such a dark manner. These decisions make her writing style genre unique because there are not many authors who are willing to do so. Chuck Palahniuk’s Guts shows that he is an author in a much similar writing genre as Flannery O’Connor’s. I think both authors fit into the Gothic/Grotesque writing genre which has a tendency to disturb readers in the worst of ways. Palahniuk uses masturbation and turns it into such painful and outrageous tales. No one dares to speak of this

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