Literature Is The Mirror Of Literature Essay

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Literature is the mirror of society. Literature from time immemorial has appealed to students of all ages. Literature gives permanent happiness to anyone who reads with diligence and passion. John McRae (1994) makes an earnest attempt to differentiate between classical literature and pulp fiction by using ‘L’ and ‘l’ respectively. Colonization almost came to an end in the late 1940s and 1950s. Once colonization came to an end, Literature of different countries gained prominence. Apart from traditional literature of the U.K. and the U.S.A, literature from other parts of the world captured the imagination of readers. In the earlier times, people were really skeptical to think beyond Shakespeare and Milton. Twenty first century reflects the changing…show more content…
In order to draw the attention of students, teachers are expected to pay a lot of attention to pre-reading tasks, icebreakers etc. Students can be encouraged to modify the texts, change the ending etc using their creativity, ingenuity etc. Over the years, teaching language to students has undergone a sea change. Nowadays language is taught to students without the help of literature. English Language Teaching (ELT) gained prominence in India in the last two decades after the rapid mushrooming of Engineering Institutes all over India. Language teaching is incomplete without literature. The earlier generations had solid foundation in language, because they learnt classics written by literary writers like Shakespeare, Wordsworth etc. Unfortunately, the modern generation does not have any exposure to classics. This severely hampers not only their intellectual growth but also emotional growth. Technical education is not complete, if one does not pay any attention to values, character building, soft skills etc. All the above mentioned things can be easily and effectively inculcated in students through
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